Welcome to the MKV Program Risk Initial Assessment

Facts you need to know: 

·         You have been requested to fill out this assessment in support of the MKV Risk Assessment and Risk management program. 

·         Helping to assess Risk within the MKV program is part of your job.  This will take about one and a half to two hours to complete.  You have 10 days in which to complete it.  You may complete the assessment at work or at home – wherever you have access to the internet.  After submitting your assessment, please send an email to Marty.Sargent@us.army.mil  indicating that you have completed and submitted this initial assessment.

·        Definitions: Program risk assesses risk within the program’s structural, programmatic, and management processes, while technical risk assesses risk within the program’s technical design and implementation.

·         This initial assessment presents a list of program risks and risk areas common to DoD Acquisition Programs.  You are asked to assess the extent to which each of these candidate program risks is applicable to the MKV Program and to suggest changes to the list.  A final, shorter list will eventually be compiled from these initial assessment and comments.  From these, a set of MKV specific program risks will be developed, assessed, mitigated, and tracked

§         It is of the utmost importance that you read each question carefully and respond thoughtfully and honestly.  The significance of the results is dependent upon the quality of the input.

§         Nothing is saved or transmitted until you have (1) answered every question and (2) clicked the “Submit” button.  If your browser application is closed (e.g., computer is shut down, loses power, or the application is ended) before you click “Submit” all of your inputs will be lost.

§         Once data has been entered in the assessment tool, use only the links provided at the upper right corner of the page (do not use the browser back/forward buttons) to navigate between the assessment tool and other parts of this site such as the welcome page, additional information, or the directions – otherwise all of your inputs may be lost.

·         Your assessments are completely anonymousNo information is gathered other than what you directly input.  The information requested does not identify any individual.  Only aggregated data will be reported


Additional information about program risk can be found  here You are strongly encouraged to read this short introduction to the nature and attributes of program risk.  The understanding gained may well improve the quality of your inputs.


A few days after the submission deadline, you will be able to see the results  here.








Additional Information about Program Risk


Risk Assessment Analysis Tool


Results of this Program Risk Analysis