1 Establish and maintain Product Quality Management (PQM) program applicable to each weapon system and support system  
2 Plan, develop, and direct programs applicable to PQM in contractor/depot facilities  
3 Interface with Army Material Command (AMC), Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), etc. about Quality Deficiency Report (QDR)s & Corrective Action  
4 Determine the contractor's capability & understands the Quality Assurance (QA) technical procedures  
5 Provide technical assistance in the evaluation of contractor/depot quality control systems  
6 Provide technical assistance for Quality Assurance (QA) to Program Manager (PM), Procurement Contract Officer (PCO) and etc.  
7 Review technical requirements of procurement doc. To determine contractual QA provisions  
8 Manage the Directorate's security assistance Quality Assurance Team (QAT) activities  
9 Review new or changed technical data  
10 Develop, identify, review and input QA requirements into procurement documentation  
11 Assure quality control of critical safety items through intensive quality management  
12 Participate in the Safety of Flight (SOF) Program and identify SOF issues coordinate on SOF and other draft messages, providing Quality Assurance (QA) inspection input  
13 Manage and implement the Command FSP surveillance program  
14 Manage program for Product Quality Management (PQM) implementing technical requirements in accordance with applicable current regulation/policies  
15 Direct/manage Quality Assurance (QA) test/inspection program for acceptance of major items in support of assigned aviation systems  
16 Review/develop QA inputs/provisions/contractual clauses for assigned systems  
17 Develop and prepare budget and MOA to assure proper funding levels are defined  
18 Develop and maintain surveillance Quality Assurance (QA)LI's defining levels of inspection applicable to assigned material  
19 Prepare and coordinate Quality Assurance Letters of Instruction (QALI) for Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)  
20 Serve as the action officer for assigned (Category) CAT 1/ (Category) CAT 2 Quality Deficiency Report (QDR)s  
21 Schedule and perform Product Quality Management (PQM) visits  
22 Provide technical assistance for evaluation of depot quality control system  
23 Perform periodic hardware oriented liaison visits  
24 Evaluate initial production, quality verification, and special Quality Assurance (QA) test/inspection for aviation spare and repair parts  
25 Schedule and perform visits, organize resources and coordinate planning for Preshipment Inspection / Quality Control (PSI/QC)  
26 Accomplish examination and testing of material  
27 Manage aviation first article and other quality conformance verification  
28 Evaluate results from prior conformance inspections  
29 Analyze and evaluate results of tests/inspections  
30 Assist, as required, in the research and evaluation of all aviation system Request for Deviation (RFD)/Request for Waiver (RFW)/ Engineering Change Proposal (ECP)s  
31 Administer the Command Acquisition (Statistical Process Control) SPC Program from critical safety items  
32 Provide Quality Assurance (QA) oversight during repair/overhaul/modifications  

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