Quality Related Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Survey


The following questions are intended to provide insight about the extent of your knowledge, skills, & abilities.  Your thoughtful consideration of each topic and question will enable your leadership to develop tailored training opportunities and support solutions to help you better provide your customers with World Class products and services.  Please answer all questions by choosing the most appropriate answer.  You will indicate your choice by placing your mouse pointer over the appropriate Survey button and clicking the left mouse button.  You may also provide additional Comments at the end of the survey.  YOUR RESPONSES ARE COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS AND THERE IS NO WAY FOR THESE RESPONSES TO BE TRACKED TO YOU.

The estimated time to complete this Survey is 20-30 minutes.

Demographic Information concerning your Position and your DAWIA Career Field is also requested at the end of the Survey.  Your response is anonymous.

There is a Response Description Supplement available for this Survey to aid your understanding of the responses needed. This Response Description Supplement provides a detailed description of the response choices for each question.  It is highly recommended that you print out this Response Description Supplement and use it as a reference as you respond to this Survey. 

For your convenience pop-up descriptions of the responses are available.  These pop-up descriptions can be viewed by placing the mouse pointer over the response box and clicking the left mouse button.  For example:  Place the mouse pointer over any of the response choices shown below (H, M, L, D, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6) and click the left mouse button.

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Q1: KSA Priority   Q2:  KSA Assessment

(current capability to perform KSA)

(Scroll Down As Needed in Frame Below to See KSAs)

D L M H   0 1 2 3 4 5 6

For best viewing of the Survey, your computer display should be set to the 1024 x 768 resolution.  If you need instructions on how to change your display setting to 1024x768, place your mouse pointer over this DISPLAY link and click the left mouse button.


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